The Original Black Widow – Belle Gunness – Stay at Home Mum

Hell’s Bell, Lady Bluebeard, The La Porte Black Widow. Belle Gunness was truly the world’s first and original Black Widow. With over 30 kills to her name (maybe more.), nobody knows if she really did get away with murder!

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Belle Sorensen Gunness, b.1859, Norway; Among her 40 vics, two were her children, one was her spouse. She collected insur., moved to Indiana, & married P. Gunness, who died of a *accident.* When she advertised for suitors in the matrimonial section of the newspaper, suitors flocked to her farm, were robbed, murdered, & never heard from again.

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Belle Gunness was the first real Black Widow – and is thought to have killed over 30 people, including her own children.

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Belle Gunness, Champion Black Widow & Homicidal Child Care Provider – 1908 METHOD: Mrs. Gunness’ method of killing her victims, Lamphere said, was to chloroform them as they slept and then if the drug did not kill to severe their heads with an axe.

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Women who kill often share many of the same murderous qualities. Poison, which is a slow and agonizing death, is often their choice of weapon and money is generally the motivation.The name "Black Widow" seems to fit a large percentage of these women because, just like the deadly spider, many female killers strike out at those who love them.

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