I accidentally burned down my dad’s house after lighting a candle – and he doesn’t have insurance

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If my neighbors house catches on fire and mine is damaged who is responsible for damages?. If you are cutting the tree down or have gotten a professional in to do the job then it’s you’re fault.

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If a house burns down due to the homeowner smoking a cigarette that wasn’t put out is the house still covered?. so if the fire is contained to only the homeowner’s property the insurance doesn’t try to sue the homeowner after paying them out?. My dad burned his house down, on accident, but.

House destroyed by fire or flood. by guildy | 13 Feb 2012 | Fire Safety, Ive had a fire caused by accident from a candle and dont have insurance my landlord does can you tell me what ive to pay as a tesult.. it burned down the other night nearly taking me with it. I have lost everything.

A DEVASTATED woman has spoken about the moment she burned down her dad’s home by accident after lighting a scented candle in her bedroom. gemma kelly, 26, from Perth, said she had briefly left her room to do laundry when the fire started, and they’ve now lost nearly everything after not having insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance covers the costs of rebuilding in case of fire, and will also pay for living expenses while the home is rebuilt. While the insurance will pay for lost possessions, how much.

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Arson investigators generally have far more training and experience in identifying the cause of fires than arsonists have in concealing them. I really, really hope you are asking because you are thinking of writing a novel or something. Arson can.

Rental property burned down — need advice. 12 replies. The kids burned down the house so mom and dad are liable for the damages.. If a landlord hires a handyman, and it is found that the handyman accidentally burned the house down, both would/could be named in a negligence suit..