Do starter homes still make financial sense?

Recently, Consumer Reports reported that 75% of first-time homebuyers are planning to skip buying a starter home. Many future homeowners want to skip a step and purchase the home of their dreams. But, this can be a mistake. Buying a starter home can help future homeowners save more money for a larger home in a better area in the future.

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A starter home may simply be a small home or condo that you can afford now – with or without making some improvements. Related: Why Personal Loans Make Sense For Small Home Improvement Projects There are benefits to buying a starter home now rather than waiting for years to buy a forever home.

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I think the idea of buying a starter home is one of the worst moves you can make financially as a younger person. Buying a starter home will likely cost you way more money in the end as opposed to waiting until you’re ready for a more high quality home.

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Starter homes are getting ever more expensive and harder to find. That has some real estate brokers and financial planners questioning whether buying a starter home is still worth it.

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Why a starter home is one of the worst mistakes a new homebuyer can make. When he ran the numbers, he realized that, generally, starter homes just don’t make sense. For one thing, the bulk of your mortgage payments in those first years go directly to interest payments, meaning you haven’t built much equity by the time you trade up.