Valentine’s Day touches the heart of important real estate issues

Renee is a friend of mine, who we talked a while back, about couples’ conflicts and what I know is, Valentine’s Day, more than almost any other holiday, brings up for people the feeling of not being important, and that feeling that we talked about a minute ago, about feeling alone.

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Valentine’s Day is the annual tradition of showing love to those you care for. And as a real estate agent, your clients are near the very top of that list! The new trend in gift giving is subscription related, which offers a literal ‘gift that keeps on giving.’

Valentine’s Day can be a problem if you’re a middle class American on a tight personal budget.All the glittering store window displays and glossy magazine articles send the message that to express your love, you need to shell out big bucks for lavish bouquets, fancy jewelry, or big boxes of gourmet chocolates.

Valentine’s Day is coming FAST. Do you send Valentines Day cards? My senior mom used to send them to every single great-grandchild. Zowie! Of course, she was fully retired by then. As a busy real estate agent, living in West Roseville CA I’m happy with texts,

New hotspots for first-time buyers Zest for holidays of a lifetime prompts record demand for equity release Yes, I am willing to sacrifice my time, energy, and effort daily to support my family members, make a positive impact, and build those relationships that I want and sometimes need. Greek life is not for everyone, but for me it was the perfect start for my future. To learn more about Greek life on campus, visit our website. On Being IndependentThe prospects for first-time buyers are looking better than they have in years, thanks to new help for those keen to jump aboard the ladder. The recent abolition of stamp duty for property up to 300,000 represents a valuable reduction in entry costs for buyers already struggling to raise huge deposits.

The stuff of Valentine’s Day may be good for the heart, in more ways than one. Chocolate, red wine, and expressions of love could not only make thumpers go pitter-patter in romantic fashion, they.

SELTZ: I think you’re right. We first see "romance and Valentine’s Day" linked to a poet name Geoffrey Chaucer and the english court. Later, the "parisian love courts," which dealt with issues of marriage and family, they were established on "Valentine’s Day."

Not all of us take Valentine’s Day romantic gifts and love letters seriously, which is awesome because nothing is sexier than a great sense of humor. So rather than the dull, unimaginative and totally standard flowers, chocolates, and a dinner for two, these people made it a much more memorable.

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