Title Insurer First American Says App Defect May Have Exposed Customer Data

Real estate title insurance company First American Financial said it learned of a design defect on Friday in one of its production applications that exposed customer data.

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News just in from security reporter Brian Krebs: Fortune 500 real estate insurance giant First American exposed. May 24, First American learned of a design defect in one of its production.

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First American Financial, one of the country's largest title insurers, accidentally. To protect your data, it may be better to hand off mortgage-related. files stretching back over a decade were exposed by First American Financial Corp., “We deeply regret the concern this defect has caused,” said Dennis J.

A leading mortgage settlement and title insurance company. Krebs quoted a statement from First American confirming "a design defect in an application that made possible unauthorized access to.

CLOSE (Photo: First American Financial) An estimated 885 million digitized documents from mortgage deals dating back to 2003 have been exposed by First American Financial Corp, a provider of title insurance and other services to the real estate and mortgage industries, according to a report by the KrebsOnSecurity security news site.

First American confirmed in a statement to CNN Business Saturday that “On May 24th, First American learned of a design defect in one of its production applications that made possible unauthorized access to customer data.” “The company took immediate action to address the situation and shut down external access to the application,” the statement reads. “We are currently evaluating what effect, if any, this.

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The title insurance company didn't require a password to view the pages, Millions of financial records exposed on First American website, report says. example of how organizations can leak sensitive data through basic errors.. if any, this had on the security of customer information," the company said.