‘They want to live simply.’ Are tiny houses the next big thing in Macon?

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"Tiny" houses could be the next big thing. Recently, Al Jazeera America Presents aired TINY: A Story About Living Small, a documentary that describes what it called the "tiny house" movement.

4 reasons tiny houses may be the next big thing. By.. It’s about the life that you want and the tiny house is [the] tool.". they are already a big thing and have been for years. It’s.

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"A lot of people don’t want a big house anymore," Burger said as he stood outside of one of the tiny homes at his park Tuesday. "They want to live simply. The want to live light on the Earth.

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See more of Wade Yoder Storage Buildings etc on Facebook. Log In. forgot account?. ‘They want to live simply.’ Are tiny houses the next big thing in Macon? Thousands of people are expected at the Georgia Tiny House Festival at Central City Park in Macon, Ga. Meanwhile two tiny home.

Tiny house villages could soon be big – really big. According to researchers at Kansas State University, tiny house villages are environmentally friendly, they promote a sense of community, they encourage healthy lifestyles and habits, and they’re a safe and affordable housing option for the masses.

River Edge Behavioral Health in Macon, Georgia built five tiny homes for the homeless. The warner robins housing authority expects to soon start building 15 tiny homes for senior and military.

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homes. want your life to be,” she said. She and her husband work in the homeless services sector and are thinking of turning their weekend adventure van into a full-time home, because they’re fed.

The Tiny Life: Practical Tools for Everyday Simple Living – Everything You Need To Know About Tiny Houses, Minimalism, Homesteading, and More!

When they think of tiny houses, most people think of tiny houses on wheels. These portable homes have become the symbol of the tiny house movement. They’re popular because building a tiny house on a trailer enables you to get around pesky building requirements and zoning laws.

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