The tiny homes that come with a large snag

Vardos. Vardos are the really colorful wagons traditionally used by Romani people. They tend to be covered in pictures and decorations, which is a big part of the reason that they are so popular today. If you’re into tiny houses because they’re cute, you might be an even bigger fan of vardos.

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John Murchie of MurchTech Consulting Corp. is building innovative tiny houses out of British Columbia. One of their models is the Eagle Microhome which has 350 square feet with a 50 square foot deck on the second level. The homes cost around $48,000 and are made from steel instead of wood so they’re lighter and cost less to build.

The Surprising Origins of the Tiny House Phenomenon Why ancient hermits are the key to understanding our tiny home obsession By Julie Lasky Jul 13, 2016, 10:00am EDT

How big can a tiny house be? For people who aren’t bothered about owning big houses and having lots of possessions, we sure do seem to worry a lot about size!. I’m often asked, "how big can a tiny house be?", "when is a tiny house actually just a small house?", and "how big tiny is a typical tiny house?".

Tiny Home Village at St. Mary Village. Yes, the 10 tiny homes may be small. But the glacier-carved mountainous peaks in the backdrop are, well, large and remarkable.

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 · Tiny houses are becoming more popular as people look to simplify their lives. Many people today would rather live simply and focus on travel, dining out and going on adventures over working full time to pay for a massive house, the stuff that goes with a big house and its upkeep.

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Tiny Houses. What is a tiny house and the tiny house movement? knowledge base; What is the difference between a Tiny House vs RV? knowledge base; Where can I see a tiny house? How much does a tiny house cost? Can I build my own tiny house? Does Tiny Home Builders build houses? How long does it take to build a tiny house?