The Business End

Business end definition: The business end of a tool or weapon is the end of it which does the work or causes. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

The Business End is Mike Ward, Noah Smith, Neil Kelly and Bret Fontaine, and they are coming to Nobody’s perfect. So go join the rest, create the trends that yield short ends Stay motionless, fail.

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business end definition: The business end of something, such as a knife or a gun, is the end that does the work or damage rather than the handle.. Meaning of business end in English.

by Mark Greenaway, Head of Emerging Business, Adobe. With the rise of smartphones, smart watches and voice assistants, consumers have.

Here are our top tips for ending your business emails the right way, along with some helpful examples you can steal for your own emails.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe business end (of something)the business end.

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the business end. the part of a tool, weapon, etc. that carries out the object’s particular function 1936 – Richmal Crompton Sweet – William – The business end of a geometrical compass was jabbed.

In my last post, I made the seemingly preposterous claim that every business is a media business. Some people agreed, some people.

If knowing how to end a business partnership with a friend without ruining the friendship is important to you.

Another iconic name is fast disappearing from the Delco business landscape. It’s almost time to turn out the Blue Light.

The Business end of your music studio doesn't have to feel like the Business End of a Scoripon.

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Her business end will do just fine for your daily activities". – "Watching a girl on all fours from behind gives you the perfect opportunity to admire her business end".

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