S.C.’s actual income tax rates much lower than portrayed

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 · That was far below what turned out to be an average annual increase of 6.5 percent in the eight years of the Clinton administration, when tax rates at the high end of the income.

In 2003, the range of industry tax rates was even greater, ranging from a low of -30.0 percent (a negative rate) up to a high of 27.9 percent. Aerospace and defense companies enjoyed the lowest effective tax rate over the three years, paying only 1.6 percent of their profits in federal income taxes.

This item examines the effect of the proposed lower corporate tax rates in an analysis of the tax results of converting an S corporation to a C corporation. According to IRS statistics, 1.78 million C corporation returns and more than 4 million S corporation returns were filed for tax year 2008.

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SC’s actual income tax rates much lower than portrayed A look at perception versus reality for SC income taxes <p>By SEANNA ADCOX</p><p>Associated Press</p> May 29, 2015

Earned Income Tax Credit-This is one of the most prominent refundable tax credits and is generally only available to low or moderate-income households making up to a little over $50,000, and is further dependent on other specifics. The credit is equal to a fixed percentage of earnings from the first dollar of earnings until the credit reaches its maximum.

At a 2010 talk at the Cato Institute Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell and Dr. Richard W. Rahn argued that the government has actually raised more revenue with a lower long term capital gains tax rate than a higher rate. For example, in 2007 the IRS raised 2 billion with a 15% tax rate as opposed to $7.8 billion in 1977 ($26.7 billion in 2007 dollars.

Callen et al. (2003) estimate that the effective tax rate for emerging markets outside eastern Europe is only 10% , much lower than the average of industrial countries, which exceeds 30% . A smaller tax base has been recognized to contribute to higher sovereign default risks in developing countries (e.g., see Hausmann (2004) ).

In the absence of the higher rates, the excess burden of the income tax system in 2011 is estimated to be $125 billion above the amount the government actually collects in revenues. This increases the total economic cost of the income tax sys- tem by 11.5 percent, from $1.086 trillion to $1.21 trillion.

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