Rihanna Brings Awareness To Sudan Massacre

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As the crisis in Sudan continues and tens of thousands take to the streets today (June 30) to demand civilian rule, Rihanna is using her platform to express solidarity with the protesters.

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Rihanna Brings Awareness To Sudan Massacre. Posted by Admin on June 12, 2019 at 7:15 AM Rihanna is using her platform the right way. Rih recently took to social media on Tuesday (June 11) to bring awareness to the crisis happening in Sudan at the moment.

the purpose was to raise awareness about issues that infringe on the rights of the African child. The day was in commemoration of the 1976 massacre of Soweto children in the then apartheid South.

Hip hop star Rihanna is using her fame to bring awareness about the humanitarian and political crisis currently happening in Sudan.

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But she also volunteers her time to help raise awareness about the forcibly displaced. In August, she travelled to Kenya and South Sudan to help UNHCR document. But then the massacre of [some 8,000.

Rihanna Brings Awareness to Ongoing Sudan Massacre. Rihanna Brings Awareness to Ongoing Sudan Massacre Following months of civilian protest in Sudan, former president Omar al-Bashir was removed from office by a military coup and arrested in April of..

Rihanna urges her fans to look into the sudan massacre. rihanna utilized her platform to bring awareness towards a very devastating issue happening at the moment. The Bajan singer and entrepreneur shared a concern for the atrocities happening in Sudan.

And bring your giant novelty Drake. m in the United States I’ve lost Rape, Massacre & Despair: Why We All Need To Wake Up To The Crisi. Sudan is in a rapidly escalating crisis, and now.