Muni Yield Curve Flattens to 2007 Low

Hong Kong protests, Argentina weigh on Treasuries * U.S. 30-year yields fall to more than 3-year low * U.S. yield curve flattens significantly * U.S. the smallest difference since June 2007,

US yield curve flattens to level not seen since 2007. Share on Twitter (opens new window). Another issue is consistently low inflation expectations in the US, which are thought to be.

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The last time the treasury curve inverted, with the two-year note yield rising above the 10-year yield ahead of the 2007-09 recession, the comparable spread in the muni market remained positive.

Investors focus on the yield curve with good reason – an inverted. With short- term rates rising but long-term rates remaining low, That is to say, absent inflationary pressures, we think the Fed will be careful to not significantly flatten.. even been buying U.S. municipal bonds – for which they get no.

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Shorter-term Treasuries fell, while longer-dated bonds remained higher, flattening. year bond yield touched 3% for the.

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The Treasury yield. the previous low for 2018, touched in May. The gap between 2- and 10-year yields also slid to the smallest since 2007, touching 39.1 basis points, before rebounding to just.

It certainly won’t draw in readers the same way you could by pointing out that the last time the yield curve looked like this was just before the. flat or inverted state.” The good news is that.

For older investors, muni bonds can also offer diversification. Because of the unique factors driving their performance-such as shifts in a municipality’s tax base-they tend to have low correlation ..

When “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd pointed out that in 2007. here to chase yield in our bond market. Now, what that.

Muni Yield Curve Flattens to 2007 Low bloomberg eric glass, portfolio manager at AllianceBernstein, discusses the factors behind the flattening of the municipal bond yield curve and looking for. Veterans will remember the Fed and most pundits in 2007 assuring that the flat yield curve was no cause for alarm.

On Tuesday the difference between two and 30-year US Treasury yields slipped to 98.8 basis points, below the 100 bps (or 1 per cent) level for the first time since November 2007. The yield curve tends.