Motty Ilowitz – Yedidim – Berl Parody with Oorah | מאטי אילאוויטש – ידידים – בערל

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. 6:52. Motty Ilowitz – Berl | – . Shulem Lemmer ft. Shulem Brodt and the Yedidim Choir.

HOT off the press! The newest video from our Reimagined series, features singing sensation, Mordechai Shapiro. The video is a small glimpse into a rocking second dance, with Mordechai singing some of his own hit songs as well as others.

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I always find kashrut discussion interesting. I have a particular affinity for the topic. Kikar brings us a clip from the recent shiur of Chief Rabbi Rav Yitzchak Yosef in which he says explicitly that the hechsher of the Eida Hachareidis is the lowest quality of all the hechshers regarding meat. He says there are many hechshers, ben porat yosef, but the hechsher of the Eida (on meat, not.

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Jessica Meir will now be Israel’s second astronaut, after Ilan Ramon, to go to space. She will join a Russian cosmonaut and the first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates to be leaving from Kazakhstan on September 25 to the International Space Station and is training now for that trip.

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Motty Ilowitz – Yedidim – Berl Parody with Oorah | – – : :

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