‘Lower repayments will make a difference’: The young buyers who will get relief from proposed loan changes

27 MAY 2019 | daily top story: ‘Lower repayments will make a difference’: The young buyers who will get relief from loan changes. First-home buyer Adam Brown is among those who could find it easier to get a loan if a key lending constraint is scrapped and interest rates are cut.

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Most reputable debt management companies offer 3-to-5 year programs to eliminate all debt. If the consumer comes into a windfall of cash, there is no penalty for paying off debt early. What effect will a debt management plan have on my current interest rates? The goal is to lower the interest rates you pay on all debt eligible for the program.

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That means if interest rates rise, as many predict they will, her monthly costs will increase anyway. That could make the payments of the shortened term unaffordable – and there is no guarantee if you shorten your mortgage that your provider will allow you to increase it again (this can be much more difficult to do).

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