‘I want to build a home in Thailand’

Building a House in Thailand. You need to have an architect to make a drawing which then need to be approved by the officials at the Municipal Hall. At some places in Thailand, the one who makes the drawing and the official are the same person, so you don’t need to worry. Look for a reliable building team (company),

If you don't want to be the one clearing leftover rubble, make sure that these details. construction costs for chiang mai house building are generally between.

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The nightmare of building your own home in Thailand. I told him that was too much for the size of house I wanted and it was more than I could.

Just a quick question regarding building a house in Thailand,Its not something im looking at doing for a few years yet but If I was to buy a plot of land more out in the country and money was not an issue in terms the size I wanted to build could I effectively build a mansion or is there restrictions on size / height ?

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ziggy – congratulations on a beautiful home. i enjoy learning about people that are passionate about creating unusual dwellings. i want to know how your house does in heavy rain. you mentioned it rained a lot during building. i live in a tropical location where we get heavy rain part of the year and sometimes heavy winds and tropical storms and want to know if you think a cob house is.

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