Hands-on with Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android – a clash of fans

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Dungeon Keeper is a freemium mobile massively multiplayer online strategy video game developed by Mythic Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts in 2014 for iOS and Android.A reboot to the Dungeon Keeper series, players construct and manage a dungeon, recruiting minions to run it, although the gameplay has a tower defence style, featuring frequent raids of others’ dungeons and the.

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On a quick hands-on mission, I saw the number of different decisions that. Charming and challenging, Cloud Grove is planned for Steam, Mac, PC, iOS and Android in 2016 but the curious can try the.

Dungeon Keeper is the reboot of the popular real time strategy series that made its name on PCs awhile back. The new iOS and Android game is positioned as a competitor to games such as Clash of Clans and Castle Clash, but of course, there’s the added psuedo-tower-defense element where you can build and destroy pathways that attackers will have to go through in order to get to you.

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Not because of the impressive planning and presentation that makes up the event, and not because there is anything less about the fans of other MMOs who attend their favorite games’ gatherings. Mythic Entertainment’s Jeff Skalski has a suggestion for fans who are. Hands- on with Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android – a clash of fans.

Although there is always some backlash, the recent release of Dungeon Keeper on iOS and Android has been met with an unprecedented. I’m willing to bet that many fans of the original Theme Park and.

It does have a deep strategy and is probably more engaging than present-day android strategy games. However, Clash of Clans fans might need some time to get familiar with Dungeon Keeper’s gameplay mechanics. If you are new to this genre or haven’t played the original strategy title, then follow these tips and tricks:

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