Forcing homeowners into expensive insurance

 · Normal wear and tear usually is not covered by homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance generally only covers losses associated with perils or unforeseen damages. If your refrigerator dies because it is old, you will likely have to replace it out-of-pocket. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover perils that affect your homes.

Homeowners insurance on a condo may cost between $100 and $400 per year. The amount depends on the same factors as a home, such as location and the age of the condo. A larger factor, though, is what the condo association’s policy covers.

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Even crime rates could affect your homeowners insurance rates, as home insurance policies cover theft and vandalism. As a consequence of these and other factors, the average home insurance cost in your zip code may be significantly higher or lower than in another zip code in the same state.

With the national average of homeowners insurance costing $933 per year, Florida homeowners pay $2,084 – a rate that’s nearly doubled in the past decade. Furthermore, this average rate of insurance premiums is strictly for common types of homeowners policies; additives to these policies increase the cost even more.

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Forcing homeowners into expensive insurance. Overcharges may still be widespread because companies find other ways to receive kickbacks.

Force-placed insurance: High-cost home insurance policies under the microscope mark chalon smith – Last updated: Apr. 9, 2012 The little-known practice of "force-placed" home insurance is increasingly being assailed as unnecessarily costly and often harmful to homeowners.

The added cost varies, but it can run four to 10 times the cost of a normal homeowners insurance policy. Currently, the average homeowners premium in the U.S. is $952, which means that you could suddenly be looking at an annual insurance bill of $3,808, and if you don’t pay up, foreclosure could be the next stop.