Does your pension fund need some ‘rocket fuel’?

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Under the new rules, many people will end up in a company pension so all they need to do is go ahead with what their employer offers. To pocket any contributions your employer makes, you need to agree to be part of its scheme. If you opt for your own pension (where only you contribute) then you will need to scour the market for the best deals.

If the manager of your pension fund makes bad investment decisions, that could potentially result in insufficient funds. This could mean a reduction of your benefit without warning. Another risk of not being in control is that your company could change the terms of your pension plan and decrease the percentage of salary for each recipient.

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Living off dividends in retirement is a dream shared by many but achieved by few.. example of how dividends can help fuel a healthy and sustainable retirement.. need to fund special retirement activities or offset some unexpected dividend cuts. While investing isn't rocket science, it does require a stomach for risk (i.e. .

. on money. Pensions, property and more.. 'One missed gas bill cost me a house': the price of confusion over your credit score.. Moral Money: 'I want to retire but my wife will have to keep working to fund our lifestyle – am I a bad husband?'.

Ned Lamont said his budget plan would include changes to the state sales tax, health benefits for state workers and retirement. The Democrat on Tuesday outlined what he says will be structural reforms to help close a $3.7 billion budget. His plan also would require towns or local board of educations to.

Nine things you need to know about pensions There seems to be a day about everything, and today is no different as 15 September has been declared National Pension Day. However unlike national felt hat day and National Crme De Menthe Day (both also 15 September), increasing awareness of pensions is something that should be celebrated.

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