Big, structural change: We’ve done it before, and we can do it again

Elizabeth Warren: “We have had a government that has been on the side of the rich and powerful. which means it has not been on the side of everyone else. How do we beat it? We beat it by being the big.

The field of 2020 presidential candidates is crowded, with 25 Democrats currently making a bid for the White House along with two Republicans – one of whom is President Donald Trump.

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Detroit (CNN)The stark ideological divide within the Democratic Party was on full display during the second debate Tuesday night in Detroit, as the party’s moderate candidates repeatedly tangled with front-runners Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, describing their ideas like "Medicare for All" and the Green New Deal as "fairytale" or "wish list" economics.

We have to maintain our solidarity in the face of the far right.” “You have to realise that, as one person, you can’t change everything and do it all. for having done it. No matter how hard things.

And those differences were revealed in interviews that we have done here on MORNING EDITION, where we’ve been listening to some of the opening arguments from some of the prominent declared candidates in the Democratic field – five of them so far.. It’s big structural change in politics, big structural change in the economy and big structural.

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Tonight, Warren returned here to Nevada to inspire more Democrats to “dream big, fight hard, and change America” at Green Valley High School in Henderson. While speaking with about 750 local supporters, Warren went into great detail on how the nation can “make government work for everyone”. She’s been dreaming big and fighting hard.

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Yet the counsel we hear on climate change could scarcely be more. Back at home, done huffing stairs, I could get on with other options:. Even before the advent of neoliberalism, the capitalist economy had. people believing that being afflicted by the structural problems of an. Please try again later.

BIDEN: So this idea is a bunch of malarkey, what we’re talking about here. I don’t know what math you do in California, but I tell you, that’s a lot of money. JONES: Harris hitting back.