Adulthood Means Getting 10 Estate Planning and Other Documents

Complimentary Consultation Specializing in Estate Planning and Elder Law.. but never get access to the assets, while your other children can get their share outright. means that Luke Perry likely had executed the proper legal documents so. Surprisingly, ten percent of all stroke victims have not yet reached their fifties.

Many estate planning attorneys make it a point to educate their prospective clients about the fundamentals of estate planning. This is true whether or not the prospective clients already have an estate plan because often times even people who already have an estate plan have no idea what it says or means.

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Our own experience and that of other estate litigators provides some useful insights. Our insights are simply taken from our experience with every-day life – they are observations, the spotting of patterns within a sea of facts. We’ve identified 10 of the most common probate, trust and estate battles.

Most people realize that they need an estate plan to manage their affairs if something happens to them. And, let’s face it, estate planning attorneys are expensive. That’s why many consumers are now questioning whether it’s possible to skip the attorney fees and use a low-cost website to prepare estate planning documents.

 · Are the Kids Prepared for What Your Estate Planning Documents Reveal?. Nearly 60% of adult children have no idea at all what’s included in Mom and Dad’s estate plan. That’s huge, because it means they’re likely in for at least one surprise when the time comes and it may not be a pleasant one.. In the case of estate taxes and other.

Your state’s departments of aging also might be able to direct you to free or low-cost resources for estate planning. And while you’re working on your will, you should think about preparing other essential estate-planning documents. "When you create or update your will, that’s also a good time to think about other advance-planning tools like.

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The most common path from consumer to participant in real estate transactions is when we pursue the so-called American Dream of homeownership. It’s a hero’s story, a symbolic milestone. It tells the.

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Senior adults facing an incapacity need specialized estate planning. Many senior adults also have concerns about financial security, preserving their independence and dignity, having enough money to pay for good quality care, and taking care of loved ones.

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