10 Things You Think Will Hurt Your Credit Score—But Actually Won’t

A credit counselor wrote: “Canceling all the cards you. 10 years from the date the account was closed. It’s important to realize that after your credit score reaches a high enough level, minor.

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You probably already know that you can damage your credit by not paying bills on time, or letting your accounts go to collections. But there are quite a few unexpected ways to wreck your score, too. Check out these surprising ways to damage your credit-and avoid them if you can.

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However, do you think that by avoiding credit you are close to building a credit score? “If you have no credit history, lenders will be hesitant in lending to you as they won’t be able to evaluate.

But that doesn’t mean inactivity doesn’t play a role in how your score is determined. If you have credit cards you don’t use and you’re worried they’ll cause your credit score to plummet.

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 · Types of Credit in Use: 10 percent; As you can see from this list, your credit utilization ratio makes up a whole 30 percent of your credit score, which isn’t much lower than your payment history. For this reason, it’s possible to have a fair or even poor credit score, even if you have a good credit payment history. The fact that you owe too much on your credit cards can offset an excellent payment history.

What Affects Your Credit Score | Houston Video With Credit Specialist However, it’s important to understand how a short term loan can affect your credit score before you apply. Find out the ways a payday loan can affect your credit score and compare short term loans now.

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